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Contract Carpet

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Contract Carpet is great to use when you have a large area to cover. With a roll width of 4 meters, you get great coverage. CFS Carpets broadloom ranges are hard wearing and durable, fire rated and specified to withstand every day commercial use. The main sectors of expertise are:

  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Hospitality

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Carpet & Flooring can supply the complete floor coverings package including screeds, adhesives, tools and accessories.

Things to think about:

Will you be using caster chairs?

Although we always recommend caster chair mats, this is something to consider in an office environment.

Will you be using computers / laptops?

Computer generate static, always check to see if the range you’ve picked has been tested and has a static pass rating.

Will there be heavy traffic?

If so then choose a heavy contract tile to extend the life and wear.

Have you chosen good entrance matting?

A good entrance matting will prolong the life of your carpet tile especially in areas such as corridors and reception areas.


Contract Carpets do not need underlay due to the difference in use compared to a domestic carpet. However, some range, such as healthcare ranges, have a built in impervious backing which acts as an underlay.

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