Cushion Vinyl

Cozitex Deluxe

Transform your interior with our Cozitex Deluxe range.

Offering an array of timeless wood and stone designs with hassle-free maintenance, you’ll be sure to find the perfect design to complement your customer’s home.

Backed with a 15-year warranty, this product will stand the test of time in any busy household.

Things to consider when you choose a cushion vinyl flooring:

Where is the cushion vinyl flooring going to be fitted?
Consider where the domestic flooring installation will be. Whether it needs to be slip-resistant, requires thermal resistance for underfloor heating, reduced indentation residual from furniture or if it needs acoustical impact for noise reduction.

Is the cushion vinyl slip-resistant?
Every cushion vinyl flooring in our collection has a slip resistance class of either R10 or R11. This is particularly important for kitchen and bathroom cushion vinyl flooring where water spillages may occur.

What wear layer does the cushion vinyl flooring have?
This is a thin protective layer on the surface of the cushion vinyl flooring that protects against wear and tear and is particularly important for high traffic areas. A minimum wear layer of 0.15mm is suitable for domestic flooring, but the higher the number the greater the protection against scuffs and scrapes. A thick cushion vinyl flooring does not necessarily mean that it is better quality.

Can cushion vinyl flooring be used with underfloor heating?
Not all cushion vinyl flooring has thermal resistance, so if you are planning to fit with underfloor heating ensure you chose a cushion vinyl flooring that is compatible. Many of the cushion vinyl flooring ranges in our collection are suitable for installation with underfloor heating.

Consider a cushion vinyl flooring that has a long warranty for peace of mind. This is particularly important for kitchen and bathroom vinyl flooring as they are more susceptible to spillages and damage. Our cushion vinyl flooring comes with a domestic warranty between 5 and 15 years depending on the range.

Is it easy to clean?
Consider whether the instalation will be in a high traffic area, such as a hallway or whether there are pets and children to think about as the flooring will need to be quick and easy to clean.

Think about the pattern and colours
From wood to geometric shapes and tile effect to mosaics, there are plenty of options when it comes to cushion vinyl flooring. Think about the room it is going in to help you decided which styles may be best suited.