Cook Up The Perfect Kitchen

Lisa Tomlin, CEO of Carpet & Flooring, discusses the key considerations a homeowner should make when choosing a floor for their kitchen, and the advice you can provide to ensure everyone leaves a happy customer. 

CFS Eternity LVT, Sand Limed Oak at Hill House Farm

Often described as the ‘heart of the home’, kitchens are a pivotal room within a house. However, this also means that the kitchen experiences significant wear and tear. Food and drink spills, muddy shoes and excessive cleaning are commonplace, so it’s important that a suitable flooring is installed to ensure the chosen floor covering remains in peak condition, whilst still looking on trend, throughout its lifetime.

When deciding on a floor covering for a kitchen, the key considerations are two fold: what is best practically? And what products best meets the desired aesthetic of the room? Sitting down with a customer to determine this before they make a purchase will help you provide the best advice and guidance possible.

It is important to ensure that choosing a floor covering for a kitchen is not an afterthought. As the fittings within a kitchen, such as cupboards, islands, fridges and ovens, are often permanently fixed, the flooring should be decided on before installation of these products. This will allow the designer to make sure that any lines within the chosen flooring, such as those between panels of wood or tile grouting, compliment the fixtures and fittings installed, creating a sense of balance.

As potentially one of the most used rooms within a home, spills will occur regularly within a kitchen, so guiding homeowners towards a product that is water resistant, easy to clean, and not prone to staining is paramount. To reduce time spent maintaining a floor even further, opting for flooring that has no grouting, which can discolour and requires more intense cleaning, is a good idea. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) can give the same effect as a stone tile or wood floor, without the associated disadvantages. If a spill does occur on wood floor, it is incredibly important to clean it up immediately to prevent discolouring, warping and permanent damage. With stone tiles, grout is very porous and stains easily. When this occurs, specialist cleaning, or a regrouting will be required. This is no such challenge with LVT, so it provides all the aesthetic benefits whilst mitigating all of the risks.

You must also advise homeowners that if they intend to bleach their kitchen floors, wood, laminate or stone may not be the best choice. Wood and laminate are both porous materials and bleach will damage the colour and feel of the product. Additionally, using abrasive cleaners on some stone tiles will also degrade the surface, damaging the floor covering. LVT, such as the CFS Eternity Classic LVT, comes with a 0.3mm wear layer and a PVC coating, meaning it is safe to clean as often as required without risk of damage

The increased likelihood of spills also brings a risk of slips, particularly on easy to clean floor coverings. Again, the CFS Eternity Classic LVT range is graded at slip resistance ratings of DIN 51130 and R 10, making it ideal for a domestic kitchen setting.Alongside the above, LVT is ideal for rooms where people spend a lot of time on their feet. Stone, tile and concrete flooring is very cold underfoot, which can make for an uncomfortable experience in the kitchen. LVT is much warmer and not as harsh on the feet, making it an ideal choice for this busy space.

LVT also does not harbour bacteria or dust mites, an important consideration when installing a floor covering in a food preparation environment. Additionally, if excessive wear and tear does cause some of the flooring to become damaged, it is easier to replace a single damaged tile, as opposed to a roll of vinyl, wooden floor or ceramic tiles. Moreover, all CFS products installed in a domestic setting come with a 20-year warranty, providing peace of mind to the homeowner.

After addressing the practicality of the floor choice, the next consideration is aesthetic.  CFS Eternity Classic LVT is available in 16 finishes, including 12 wood decors and 4 stone effects. The high-quality tiles are perfect for domestic projects, offering a vast range of materials and styles to suit any budget and project.

With the option to interchange different tile styles within the same floor design, the trend-led CFS Eternity Classic LVT allows total design freedom for each project. From ‘Chalkstone’ to ‘Graphite’, ‘Ivory Washed Oak’ to ‘Bronzed Mocha’, the design configurations available are limitless. To complement the range, six different colour feature strips are also available and the four stone effect finishes are micro-bevelled for a true-to-life finish.

The increase in open plan living is also something to consider when helping homeowners select a floor covering for their kitchen. If their kitchen leads directly into a dining room, and they would like one continuous floor covering, sterile tiles might look out of place and so a parquet flooring or wood style LVT would be the best match.

By working with customers, and understanding their wants and needs, you’ll be able to ensure the best floor covering gets specified for their kitchen renovation projects. All CFS products are available from Carpet & Flooring. To view the complete CFS Eternity Classic LVT range, click here