Create long-stay proof bedroom floors for your customers.

Walking on a fresh and soft new carpet first thing in the morning always leaves you feeling happy! That fresh carpet smell and the clean, fresh flooring will ensure the room has such a great ambiance. So, with that being said, we are all spending much more time indoors, so getting your space the best it can be is key at the moment for everyone.

A lot of people may be planning on changing the bedroom carpets to give the rooms a new lease of life and bring them up-to-date.

Bedrooms are a fairly high traffic room, meaning bedroom carpets can wear quicker than other rooms. Also, bedrooms usually house large pieces of furniture, such as beds, wardrobes and dressing tables, which can lead to a colour difference on the carpet when the furniture is changed around.

Many people do not give their bedroom carpets a second thought, however, being in the same environment every day may get repetitive. Which is why many of your customers will be thinking about changing their bedroom carpets or vinyl flooring.

The carpet underneath furniture will likely be noticeably lighter than walkway areas that have been subject to more foot traffic and open to collect dirt and dust. Having a new bedroom carpet can help your customers create a bedroom their guests will love waking up to.

Your customers may even be considering changing their bedroom carpets for cushion vinyl flooring to add a contemporary and modern look.

We have a wide range of domestic carpets and cushion vinyl flooring coverings that are suitable for bedrooms. Many of our vinyl floors help with noise reduction and sound absorption making them great for upstairs rooms and ideal for all spaces.