Energy saving fleet upgrade for Carpet & Flooring

Carpet and Flooring, the UK’s largest independent distributor of innovative flooring products designed specifically for the healthcare, commercial, education and residential sectors, has strengthened its commitment to sustainability with an upgrade of its fleet of 77 vehicles.

The distributor has invested in upgrading its fleet to the latest Euro 6 specification trucks, Leyland Daf Curtainsides. The new lorries will provide cleaner emissions reducing diesel particulate, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, whilst also being more fuel efficient than the older trucks.

The upgrade comes off the back of an ongoing drive to reduce carbon emissions from the delivery of products. Last year, by rerouting journeys taken each day, Carpet and Flooring was able to reduce miles travelled by 200,000 per year, resulting in an estimated reduction of 216 tonnes of CO2 annually. The rerouting of its deliveries meant Carpet and Flooring could take three vehicles off the road and also reduce general stem mileage – with no impact on deliveries to customers.

To oversee the ongoing upgrades, Carpet & Flooring has hired a Fleet and Facilities Manager, Peter Mottram. Peter has 36 years’ experience in logistics with Transport Supervisor and Operations Manager roles at Britvic Soft and Matthew Clark Wholesale Ltd.

Peter said of the recent upgrades: “It is great to see a company working so hard to reduce the impact it has on the environment. Simply by rerouting our journeys, we have been able to reduce our mileage significantly, creating huge carbon and cost savings. These cost savings have been re-invested back into the company with the upgrade of the vehicles, making our deliveries even more environmentally friendly.

“The Daf was chosen for its high fuel returns, driver appeal, build quality and was able to be built to Carpet & Flooring exact specifications. We currently have 24 additional vehicles on order, a combination of 18 and 12 tonne in our new-look, modern livery, and we cannot wait to see these rolled out across the country.”