Floor maintenance myth busting

Top five floor maintenance myth busts

Are you someone who worries about when to clean carpets? Or what products to use? Whilst specifying the correct flooring for a project is key in ensuring the longevity of a product, it’s true that without the proper maintenance, a product’s lifespan will be significantly reduced. This post will explore the importance of regular flooring maintenance and dispell the top five myths surrounding the maintenance of floor coverings.

  1. MYTH: Damage will occur as a result of day-to-day use – there’s nothing I can do to prevent this

FACT: In busy places, damage will always occur however, there are steps that can be taken to limit this. Using entrance matting provides numerous benefits to both the property owner and those using the building on a regular basis. Studies show that more than 70% of dirt and moisture in buildings is tracked in by pedestrian and wheeled traffic, something that can be significantly reduced through the use of entrance matting. By doing so, floor coverings remain in better condition for longer, providing a better experience for those using the building, a particular consideration where the aesthetic of a building is important.

This, in turn, will mean there is less time and money spent on cleaning, refurbishing and replacing floor coverings that have been damaged through the traipsing of dirt and debris from outside, reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

  1. MYTH: If a carpet gets stained beyond repair, I need to replace the whole floor covering

FACT: Not if your flooring is laid in tiles, whether that be carpet or Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), tiles are quicker and easier to install than their counterparts as they lend to being replaced in isolated areas. It is much easier to replace a single worn or damaged tile than relaying a whole floor; it also reduces maintenance and cost! However, if the carpet installed is a broadloom then yes, the entire floor covering will need to be replaced. In some circumstances, it is mandatory that the entire floor covering be replaced, however in communal areas, such as dining rooms, if only a small portion of the floor is damaged, this can be a lengthy and inconvenient solution.

  1. MYTH: One floor cleaner will work across my whole property

FACT: You wouldn’t use the same product to clean your cutlery and your bed linen, so floor coverings should be the same. Carpets, hard wood, LVT and tiles all require different specialist products to prolong the lifespan of the floor covering and maintain health and safety levels. Ask your local flooring supplier which the best product for your specific flooring is.

  1. MYTH: You only need to clean your carpet when it’s dirty

FACT: Even if your carpet looks clean and without stains, it’s worth investing in proper carpet cleaning on a regular basis. Dust, pollen and other allergens can settle within carpets, aggravating allergies and so regular deep cleans can help building users remain healthier and more comfortable. Regular cleaning also ensures that flooring stays in tip-top condition all year round.

  1. MYTH: I can’t use high strength cleaning products on floor coverings

FACT: In the past, using high powered cleaning products would result in damage to the floor covering, however this is not the case anymore. Carpets are now colour fast, meaning specialist floor cleaning products will not alter the vibrancy of the covering.

In addition, commercial grade LVT, like CFS Eternity Commercial, comes with a PU coating wear layer, 0.55 mm ensuring that any product installed remains in perfect condition for longer. Despite LVT being easy to clean by nature, this extra surface protection means the floor covering can withstand more industrial cleaning products.

Do you feel confident enough to maintain your flooring with ease now that these myths have been busted? If not, and you still have concerns around carpet maintenance, please comment them below so that we can help tackle the issue. No question is a silly question!