Flooring in the leisure sector

When choosing a floor covering for a leisure setting, what would you expect from the selected product? As a priority, you would want it to be aesthetically pleasing, yet hardy enough to withstand wear and tear. But what else is there to consider?

Flooring within the leisure sector presents a unique set of requirements as it’s under constant scrutiny from the general public. Lisa Tomlin, CEO of CFS, shares her view:

Wear and tear

The welfare of the general public is a critical consideration for the leisure sector. Floors in this arena experience a much higher footfall than the average building, and this is something that must be taken into account when considering which floor covering to specify. This will help to ensure that the flooring remains in peak condition for as long as possible and doesn’t become damaged or an accident risk.

With an increased amount of interaction from the public, often armed with food and drink, floor coverings in the leisure industry will see a lot of spills and damage. This is inevitable, but choosing an easy to clean floor covering can prevent any long-term damage. Using tiled carpet or LVT prevents the need to replace the whole roll of carpet if a small section is damaged, which is an important consideration for both budgets and logistics in a busy public building.

Making a statement

As public facing buildings, those in the leisure sector must to be on trend, tailored to fit a certain aesthetic and suit the established branding of an organisation. This way, they become synonymous with the building’s primary use, and don’t stick out as an unusual fitting or unnecessary expense.

For example, if a brand is known for its use of the colour pink, for example, it may wish to incorporate this into an element of their flooring, so visitors immediately identify with their chosen surroundings.

It is also extremely important to consider what each building will be used for, and how flooring can be used practically, as this too will impact the type and style of the flooring selected. For example, using tiled floor coverings to create a path to a checkout in a hotel can help customers navigate with ease, creating an overall more positive experience during their time in the building.

Choosing the right installer

Using the wrong installer can make or break a project, even if you are having a top-quality product installed. We would suggest using a recommended installer with experience in the leisure sector to make sure your project is completed on time, and to budget.

We’ve discussed floor coverings in the leisure sector with Steve Dixon, director of Aiken Flooring. Having installed a wide range of CFS products in a number of leisure projects – from CFS Superior Care broadloom & CFS Europa Loop carpet tiles in an 11th Century Durham Castle, to CFS Eternity Classic LVT in stone tile effect at Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Darlington – CFS is a top choice for Steve.

He said: “I know that when I order CFS products, they’ll be delivered the next day, together with all the accessories I need, which gives us peace of mind.” Working with CFS means you have access to a variety of products at a range of prices, meaning you can get a product you trust, at a price that suits your budgets. But without a trusted installer, you’re only half way there.

Whether you’re looking for a hardy, high-quality Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) that stands the test of time, or a design-led carpet that proves comforting under the foot, CFS has an array of options for you.

For more information on the variety of flooring we offer, visit: http://www.cfscarpets.co.uk.