Making a house a home

CFS Eternity - French Oak Flooring

When renovating a property for resale, it’s important that the products installed are high quality, yet fit in with the chosen interior design. When Ryan and Matt Kerwood at NBI Properties Ltd. (NBI) chose to demolish a building in Basingstoke and rebuild it as a bungalow, they wanted all products fitted to a high specification, particularly the floor coverings. The property comprised a family bedroom, kitchen, dining room and a conservatory, that all needed new flooring.

NBI has been redeveloping properties for ten years as a commercial outfit. With a solid understanding of how to ensure a property is successfully resold, it provided a definitive brief for the products installed at the bungalow. The developers reviewed a range of floor coverings from a number of suppliers, looking at the designs available, quality of product and the associated price points. Meeting all of the requirements, a range of CFS products were selected.

CFS Dorset Twist in the shade ‘Steel’ was fitted throughout the property. Dorset Twist is a durable 900g broadloom carpet available in 4 & 5 metre widths. The 80% wool and 20% polypropylene blend made it the perfect product for domestic installations. Available in 10 neutral colours, the range can cater to all interior design requirements.

The property also benefitted from CFS Eternity Classic LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).  Eternity Classic LVT is available in 16 finishes, including 12 wood decors and 4 stone effects. The high-quality tiles are perfect for domestic projects, offering a vast range of materials and styles to suit any budget and project. ‘French Oak’ and ‘Silver Grey Slate’ were selected for the new build.

With the option to interchange different tile styles within the same floor design, the trend-led CFS Eternity Classic LVT allows total design freedom for each project. From ‘Chalkstone’ to ‘Graphite’, ‘Ivory Washed Oak’ to ‘Bronzed Mocha’, the design configurations available are limitless. To complement the range, six different colour feature strips are also available and the four stone effect finishes are micro-bevelled for a true-to-life finish.

All CFS Eternity Classic LVT products come with a 0.3mm PU coating wear layer, ensuring that any product installed remains in perfect condition for longer. This extra surface protection also makes the floor covering easier to maintain and clean, crucial in a bathroom or kitchen. Moreover, all products installed in a domestic setting come with a 20-year warranty, providing peace of mind to the homeowner.

Impressed with the quality and ease of installation, since the completion of the bungalow property, NBI has gone on to install CFS Eternity Classic LVT in a large conversion project.

CFS products are all available from Carpet and Flooring, along with any required installation equipment, meaning a simple and effective install, every time.