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Domestic Carpets

At Carpet & Flooring, we offer an extensive collection of domestic carpets that are tailored to every budget and suitable for many parts of the home, including bleach cleanable Polypropylene ranges, super soft Saxony Carpets, and traditional Twist ranges.

Whatever your taste, your carpet can be cut to size and delivered nationwide within 48 hours along with underlay, gripper and door bars to help complete your installation.

Things to consider when you choose a Domestic Carpet:

Where is it going to be fitted?
Remember what is suitable for a lounge may not always be suitable for stairs.

Is it stain-resistant?
Do you have pets or young children? Choose a range with stain-resistant properties which make them easy to clean.

Whatever product you choose, we always recommend that Secondary backed carpets are installed with new underlay to help keep your carpet looking good as well as comfortable underfoot.

How soft do you want the carpet to be?  Products with a ‘Luxury Class’ of LC5 are softest, whereas products with a ‘Luxury Class’ of LC1 are the coarsest.

On average the consumer changes their carpet around every 7 years.  For peace of mind and possible longevity, consider products with a longer warranty.

Colour choices look great when slightly contrasting other standout features such as your walls or your furniture. Remember that lighter shades can help smaller rooms ‘open up’ and seem light and ‘airy’.