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CFS Eternity Classic & Parquet

CFS Eternity LVT Classic and Parquet is an impressive range of quality flooring for the home, social housing and light commercial use.

Eternity Classic and Parquet is ideal for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, office space and more. Eternity Classic and Parquet converts any interior into a warm and inviting place.

Designer flooring without the price tag!

CFS Eternity Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a beautiful wood & stone effect Luxury Vinyl Tile range which has been designed to convert any interior into a warm and inviting place.

CFS Eternity Classic

It is available in 15 natural wood plank style decors and 4 stone effect tile finishes, sure to enhance any interior.

CFS Eternity Parquet

It is available in the same 15 natural wood effect finishes and offers many versatile design options; use one of our featured template designs on page 18 to create your own stunning designer floor, without the designer price.

CFS Eternity LVT Classic & Parquet ranges offer the following advantages:

To complement the CFS Eternity Classic and Parquet ranges, feature strips are also available in 6 contrasting colours.

Things to consider when you choose luxury vinyl tile

What is LTV flooring?
Luxury vinyl tile flooring or LVT is a hardwearing vinyl flooring that is available in planks or tiles. It has the aesthetics of natural wood and stone flooring, but is easier to install and maintain.

It is a popular choice in both domestic and commercial installations due to its strength, durability, slip and water resistance.

How to clean luxury vinyl tile
Luxury vinyl tile is easy to clean. It can be cleaned with hot water and a mild detergent used with a damp cloth or mop. It is important not to soak the floor and to ensure that any detergent or chemical you use is suitable for use on vinyl tiles. Steam mops and steam cleaners are not suitable for this type of flooring.

Do you need underlay for LVT flooring?
Whether you need to use LVT underlay depends on the floor surface and quality of the vinyl. Some luxury vinyl tiles have a layer of underlay built-in so do not require a separate underlay.

LVT underlay can help reduce noise and if you are using a thinner vinyl then an underlay can help the floor feel softer to walk on.

Can you put LVT on an uneven floor?
For the best results, we recommend applying a screed if your floor is uneven to create an even and level substrate. Laying the floor on an even surface ensures that you will achieve a high-quality finish that is stronger and durable.

How to lay LVT flooring?
There are a variety of ways to lay luxury vinyl tile flooring. From using an adhesive to LVT click flooring systems that work in a similar way to laminate flooring. LVT is quick and easy to install, but as with any flooring it is imperative that the substrate is well prepared.

Depending on the quality of your substrate, you may need to apply a screed to get an even and level surface for the vinyl. 

Is LVT flooring good enough?
Yes, it is great for both domestic and commercial applications.

Its water resistance makes it ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens and its durability makes it well suited for high traffic areas.

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CFS Eternity Classic & Parquet

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